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Welcome to our company web site!

FINVESTFORTUNE- With an objective to provide quality Financial & Investment services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Individuals in Delhi-NCR, We are informally associated with Industry Experts, who are working with reputed organizations (Top Financial & Management Consultants, Investment Bankers and Real Estate Firms). Read More

  • What is the process of applying for a Home Loan?

    Step 1 : Submit your loan application along with required list of documnets .

    Step 2: Your application would be assessed based on various eligibility and funding norms.

    Step 3: A property valuation and title check may be carried out by the company/representative to determine the property value and lega; clearance of the property to arrive at the loan ammount .

    Step 4: Basis the internal and regulatory guidelines  may approve or reject the loan application.

    Step 5Submission of the original property documents are required along with signing of agreements, handing over of registered property papers and submission of post-dated cheques/ECS.

    Step 6Upon finding all the documents in order, Bank will disburse the loan amount to the developer/contractor based on the progress of construction. The EMI/Pre-EMI will commence after the disbursement. 


  • Am I eligible for a Home Loan?

    You are eligible for a loan if you are a salaried, self- employed professional or a businessman.

    Your loan eligibility will be determined  on the basis of factors such as income, age, qualifications, number of dependants, co-applicant’s income, assets, liabilities, stability and continuity of occupation and savings history.

    Further, the loan eligibility will also be dependent on the value of property selected by you.


  • What is EMI and Pre-EMI?

    Your loan is repaid through Equated Monthly Installments, which include principal and interest component.

    EMI repayment starts from the subsequent month of full loan disbursement, while Pre-EMI is the simple interest, payable every month till the time loan is fully disbursed.

  • Can I prepay my Home Loan? Are there any charges applicable?

    Yes, you can prepay your Home Loan any time during the loan tenure.

    Currently there is not any charges for Prepayment,Partpayment & Home Loan Balance Transfer.

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